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Mahavastu Expert

"The happiest people are the ones who make others happy

Varun Mittal, a corporate and business professional with an experience of 17+ years, always displayed an interest for vedic studies. His keen interest in Vaastu Shastra encouraged him to undertake professional course and guidance from world-renowned Dr Khushdeep Bansal.

After completing the certification for Mahavastu Expert, he used his learning combined with his instinct towards observation to analyse the energy patterns in people’s home and offices and provide customised solutions to the client’s life and concern.

Today he has an established practice of delivering Vastu & Astro Remedies to enable people to live fulfilling and happier lives.


Few words from our clients

Happy indian man

I had acute knee pain for a very long time. It had become chronic. I had trouble walking, driving. My friend asked to take Vastu consulting from Varun Mittal ji. He made me remove some nails and heavy objects from my house and my pain started getting better within few days. 

Bhavesh Patel, Orissa
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I came to know about Mr Mittal from my sister. I was not sure about taking vastu consultation as in my previous experience, they had asked us to change the toilet and kitchen location. We could not afford big changes. But Mr Mittal was extremely cooperative. He asked us to make small changes and that was it.

Nalini Singh, Delhi
Working indian mother

My eight year old son is shy and suffers from anxious behavior. I had consulted counsellors but it was not helping. I found Varun Ji through a friend who had taken his services. He came to our place, spoke to Rian. He made changes in our home. Its been 3 weeks and I can already see major changes in Rian’s behavior. 

Smita Nanda, Gurgaon
Employee, business man, professional-1169923. Jpg

I received my blocked payments within 15 days of completing the vastu remedies. I am so thankful!

Rajeev Sikka, Lucknow
Young, woman, beautiful-3193440. Jpg

We were so worried about my father’s health. Your upaay healed him quickly and he is so much better. 

Sneha Arora, Delhi
Man, model, view-7161403. Jpg

Honestly, after making the changes to wall colors, my relationship with my wife has improved. 

Anant Rai, Mumbai

Custom Packages

We also provide Custom Packages to balance Vastu for entire premises. This includes in-depth analysis and detailed custom solutions as per client's Prakriti, Profession and Astro Chart.


Vastu Consultation for Residential Premises, Independent Homes, Floors


Vastu Consultation for Offices, Shops, Boutiques, Showrooms, Kiosks, Warehouses


Vastu for Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Industrial Plots

Site Selection

Consulting for Buying/Renting/Leasing Residential, Commercial and/or Industrial Site

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a map of my premises for taking this package?

It is recommended to have a scaled map of your premises prepared by a draftsman. In the absence of a map, you can use the recommended app to locate the different directions and follow the instructions in our Maha Vastu Solution guide to make changes to your premises.

I don’t know how to check direction. How can I use your service?

We will provide a step-by-step process to locate and check directions in our Maha Vastu Solution Guides. 

What will I get after buying a Solution Guide? What information is contained in the Solution Guide?

You will receive a Maha Vastu Solution Guide on your email in PDF format within 24 working hours from order completion. 

The Solution Guide details steps to correctly identify directions and zones in your premises. It further mentions changes, suggestions, remedies & tips to resolve your particular concern. The Solution Guide has images and written text to explain the remedies which have to be carried out in your living spaces. The remedies are mentioned in vernacular English and Hindi language for ease of understanding. 

How will I get the solution/guide?

You will receive the Solution Guide in PDF Format within 24 working hours from order completion on the email id used to place the order.

Do you have Solution Guides in Hindi?

The Solution Guides detail remedies and steps in vernacular English and Hindi language for ease of understanding. 

Generally, how much time does it take for your remedies to work?

Once you make the suggested changes in your home/office, the energy shifts to balance itself. Usually, if the advice is implemented properly, we can expect to see results anywhere between 1-4 weeks.

In chronic and serious concerns, remedies can take more time to work. In few cases, advanced measures may be required to resolve a serious concern which requires custom solutions. For custom plans, please write to us at [email protected] or fill in the form to more information.

Can I get consultation over a phone call?

Consultation on phone is available only for Custom & Advanced Packages.  

What are the charges for customised plans?

We have different charges for customized plans. Please write to us at [email protected] or fill in the form to receive final quotation.

Do I need to demolish my property? Are the changes costly?

We suggest solutions which require no demolition, major structural changes, or huge costs involvement. Our remedies are usually pocket friendly. However, in rare cases where outcomes are not effective, we might suggest making few changes to resolve your concern.   

I can’t afford custom packages. Can you do my vastu for free?

Our Mahavastu Expert Shri Varun Mittal offers FREE YOGDAAN every month based on first come first serve basis. Kindly fill our YOGDAAN form to apply for free consultation.  


We offer brief session of FREE Vastu Consultation as Yogdaan on first come first serve basis.
For availing Yogdaan session, kindly register below.

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What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient Indian system of architecture which follows the principles of harmony and balance in the design of living spaces. It is based on the belief that the layout and orientation of your environment can have a profound impact on your well-being, happiness and success. Vastu looks at the physical elements of a structure such as the design, materials, colors, and energy flow to ensure a balanced and harmonious environment. In Vastu Shastra for home implementation, directions for home are analysed to suggest colors for bedroom, where to keep table for studies, best direction to sleep in, vastu of kitchen and much more. Direction for work is equally significant while balancing Vastu in commercial spaces.

Terms for North West East South in Hindi

North- उत्तर
South- दक्षिण
East- पूर्व
West- पश्चिम

Can Vastu help maintain good health?

Absolutely! Vastu is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on creating harmony and balance within your home and other living spaces. It is believed that house planning as per Vastu can help improve the overall quality of life and promote good health by balancing the five elements of nature – earth, fire, water, air, and space – as well as the energies within a given space. By understanding the relationship between these elements and the directions north west east south, one can create a positive and healthy environment that encourages good health and well-being.

Can Vastu help improve finances?

According to Vastu principles, the placement of various objects, colours of rooms, money plant direction, and structures in the home can have an effect on our finances. For example, it is important to ensure that the main door of the house is not facing directly towards the South-South-West, as this can cause a drop in wealth and financial resources. Additionally, toilets in north direction should be avoided, as it is believed to bring more financial luck. Placing items such as a wind chime, a fountain, and a wealth corner can also help to improve financial luck.

Use of Money Plant in Vastu

Money plants are believed to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity according to Vastu Shastra. It is said that money plants should be placed in the north direction of the house, as this is the direction associated with wealth according to Vastu Shastra. It is also believed that keeping a money plant in the living room or in the hall will bring prosperity and good luck to the family. Additionally, it is important to take care of money plant properly, like watering it regularly and keeping it away from direct sunlight.

Significance of North Facing House Vastu

North facing houses are considered to be particularly auspicious according to the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra. This type of house is said to bring peace and harmony to the occupants, and attract wealth and prosperity. North-facing houses are generally recommended for the head of the family, and are believed to bring longevity and success to the occupants. They are also said to bring good luck and positive energy to the home. Additionally, a north-facing house can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote good physical and mental health.

Where to put studying table in home as per Vastu?

According to Vastu, the best place to put a studying table is in the West-South-West zone of the home. This zone is associated with knowledge and learning, and it is believed that keeping a studying table in this location can bring positive energies and help create a conducive atmosphere for studying. It is important to ensure that the studying table is facing east or north. Additionally, the table should be kept neat and organized and should not be cluttered with items.

Favorable Colors for room as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, the best colors to use in a room depend on which direction it is placed. For example, if your room is in east, the best colors are shades of light blue or green. If your room is in north, the best colors are blue, black and white. If your room is in west, the best colors are white and grey. And if your room is in south, the best colors are pink, orange, or brown. To get the best results, it’s best to choose colors that are light and bright and avoid dark, dull, and drab shades.

Vastu Tips for Happy Marriage and Life

Here are a few Vastu tips to help you and your partner have a happy marriage and life together:

  • Place the bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom to promote harmony and connection in the relationship.
  • Hang a picture of the sun in the east wall of the bedroom to bring in positive energy and good luck.
  • Place a bowl of water in the northeast corner of the bedroom to bring in fresh energy and peace.
  • Utilize calming colors in shades of off-white and creams to neutrlize the energy across the home.
  • Hang a happy couple photo in south-west direction of your home for strengthening the bonding between husband and wife.

At Do My Vastu, we provide Vastu consultation for balancing Vastu Shastra for home, Vastu for west facing house, North facing significance, Vastu of kitchen, colors for bedroom and much more.

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