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Residential Vastu

Home is the place where we live with our family, build our lives and dreams. The environment of our home influences our emotional, physical, and mental health. Having a well-balanced Vastu in our residential spaces is highly significant. When Vastu principles are correctly implemented to a residential structure, the residents can enjoy better health, wealth, and overall prosperity.

If Vastu instructions are followed, the house and its occupants experience positive energy and enthusiasm, and such a vastu-compliant home brings optimal health, riches, and prosperity for the family. Since our home becomes the foundation of our lives, it is crucial that every detail including space allocation, colour palettes, entrances, water tanks, and furniture layout be considered while balancing the Vastu. 

We provide services for all types of residential premises including flats, apartments, quarters, floors and independent villas. While evaluating the vastu for your home, we focus on balancing the overall well-being of the family and at the same time targeting specific issues which might be related to health, relationships, finances, prosperity, harmony, children’s education, etc.

Residential floor plan

Some key factors to be considered are:

  • Directions of Bedroom, Living & Dining Room, Kids Room, Pooja Room, Study Room, Kitchen
  • Direction of Entrance
  • Direction of Staircase, Balcony, Water Bodies (like swimming pool, overhead tanks) and Elevators
  • Placements of Objects such as paintings, sculptures, etc
  • Direction of Doors & Windows
  • Placement of Plants inside house-boundary
  • Placement of Toilet Seat
  • Colour palettes as per different directions
Commercial Vastu

Our workplace is a significant aspect our lives as we spend a major part of our active hours at our workplace, earning our livelihood and giving shape to our professional dreams. Our earnings are governed by our workplace. Our workplace also becomes a place for interaction with society. To achieve gains from our commercial premises, it is essential to balance the premises as per Vastu principles and correct directional faults, strengthen weak zones, balance panchamahabhootas and, stabilize the energy of the area.

Commercial vastu includes vaastu balancing and remedies for spaces such as offices, warehouses, shops, showrooms, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, educational institutions, schools, medical centres, clinics, consulting spaces, shared workspaces, etc. We offer Vaastu consultation services for commercial places of all shapes and nature.

Within a balanced Vastu space, it is observed that employees display improved performance and business profitability increases. Since several commercial spaces are usually rented/leased and making big structural challenges is not allowed, we suggest remedies which can give maximum results without disrupting the flow of operations and maintain the structure of leased premises.

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Main Parameters of Commercial Vaastu include:

  • Direction of Entrance, Office Area, Reception, Pantry, Staircase etc
  • Placement of Cabins, Cubicles, etc
  • Placement of Water Filters, Sanitary Tanks, Toilet Seat
  • Direction assignment to key personnel as per their work
  • Use of equipment, lights, decorative objects, and colour of the exterior and interior of the office space
Industrial Vastu

Vastu for Industry/Factory/Plant is comparatively complex and involves simultaneous balancing of multiple aspects without hindering the required flow of production/plant. In an Industry setup, Vastu grids are setup differently and often multiple grids can affect the prosperity of the business. Proper implementation of Industrial Vastu can scale the business to new heights and increase production and labour efficiency.

In Factories, we keenly observe the correct Vastu placement of machinery, boilers, gensets, transformers, heavy equipment, etc. While programming the premises for Vastu, we balance space, weight, colors, utility elements and correct Vastu-doshas as per a tailored solution to the client’s Astro charts.

In our previous experience of Industrial Vastu cases, we have been able to achieve increased production capacity, higher sales and profitability, and better efficiency with the same resources in terms of capital and manpower.

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Industrial Vastu balancing helps with:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Smoother supply chain operations
  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Support from government and other allied authorities
  • Good relationship between workers and managers
Site Selection

We provide site selection services to our clients when they purchase/rent/lease a new premises for their residential/commercial use. Every land has a different energy which is suitable for certain activities, use and a person’s Astro placements. Selecting the right location can save the person from Vastu dosha which harm later.

In this service, we perform complete analysis of the site’s location and energy. We work on residential, commercial and industrial sites including vacant plots and constructed spaces. We advise our clients if the selected site is compatible with their Astro chart and if the Vastu-doshas can be corrected easily.

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