Myths Vs Facts

Find Out Common Myths About Vastu Answered by Our Expert - Sh Varun Mittal
Vastu Shastra can help you earn wealth

This is a myth. Vastu Shastra is focused on your well-being and creating a positive mindset and good health. Once you are healthy both physically and mentally, you are equipped to earn wealth. In other words, your energy is most vital in Vastu. The most important thing is your Karma, if you are not focused on your action from which you can earn wealth, no such science will be able to give the desired results.

The entry door of the house can be placed in any direction

There are a total 32 Padas for entry based on which it is determined which particular entry is effective for a building. Out of 32 Entries or Pada, only 10 Entries are positive, and the remaining need to be treated after matching their respective symptoms.

Toilet seats can be placed anywhere in the building.

Toilet seats should not be placed preferably in ESE (East South East) , SSW (South South West), or WNW (West North West). If the toilet seat is placed in any other direction, then based on the symptoms, it should be treated using respective colour tapes/metal strips. Only when a toilet seat falls in North East, it has to be shifted to some other zone as the remedies do not give satisfactory results in North East

Kitchen can only be placed in South East (Agni Kon)

It is ideal to place the kitchen in Fire Zone of the building i.e. South East, South, South-South East. However, if the kitchen is placed in other zones, it can be treated using different colour marbles/colour mats. Kitchen is strictly prohibited to be made in North-East Zone of a building. If the kitchen falls in this zone, it is usually recommended to be relocated to another favourable zone.

Direction in the building can be checked from anywhere.

Directions of a building can only be checked by standing in the center of the constructed part of the building. This should be verified with the symptoms/problems faced by the occupants of the building.

Vastu is a religious practice.

The study and application of Vastu-Shastra is based on vedic principles and knowledge. It has been used for thousands of years across the globe regardless of religious beliefs. 

To correct the vastu of the building, demolition work is required.

This is not necessarily true. Except in the case of the toilet seat and/or the kitchen falling in the North-East, almost all other imbalances can be rectified using various effective techniques including relocation or treating the issue without causing demolition.

South Facing Houses are unlucky

South-facing houses are as good as any other direction-facing houses. The facing of the house is not the most significant Vastu parameter. The entrance of the building is a more important aspect to check in Vastu.

Vastu should only be done for property which is owned by you.

Vastu of a particular building affects its occupants regardless of the fact whether it is owned or rented by that person.

Ganesha Idol/Pictures should be placed at the entrance of the house to avoid negative energies.

This practice should be strictly avoided as Ganesha not only keeps the evil away but the good too. One should never place Ganesha at the entry of the house. As per Vastu, the ideal location to place Ganesha idol is in the North East.

Multiple idols of Ganesha can be placed in the building.

One should avoid keeping multiple Ganesha idols in a house as it can lead to confusion among the occupants for the building

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